Tuesday , January 19 2021

Touba unloaded his most reckless defender's id in 2019 / May Madic Riku's Mustafa Diouf Lemaye's person.

Real damages in the two months of Presidential 2019 for Idrissa Sac. The famous leader of the Rau movement Mustafa Dowf Lemaye, then the rescuer of the Idrisa Sexte officially announced the decision to support Medieux Neang.

Touba 28 & # 39; Camp & # 39; Wade's visit to the President: Frequently known after the persecution of Makki, Mottafa Downf Lambey is considered to be the most fierce political opponent of the rule in Tuba. Has been successful since 2000. In addition, on the eve of Grand Magalial, the second visit to the religious city of President Mikey Soul, Sirigene Basiru Mbebe Abdu Khadre needed to be quiet.

In detention on the phone, he confirmed rumors that he would not be able to sit friendly and lawyer St.-Lucien would fully meet the necessary criteria for his future candidate. "May Maddie Niang, for what he is, can reflect the population of Tobabas for what it is, and that's not because he is a city councilor in Tuba. The PD I did not want a candidate, but he I can not stop civilians who do not run for Senegalese. I was saving folly, they are the only believers who support me. '& # 39;
Sergene Mustafa Douf Lemmay confirmed that he would not return

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