Monday , May 29 2023

Tunisia: Do tunes PS software represent the damage of imported software?


If ICT coordinates 11% of GDP in 2017, which is a very powerful export zone, this is much bigger than a range in Tunisia's economy.

At this stage Tunisia, is an exception in Africa. One source also highlights that computer engineers trained in ICT in the economy (12,000 new graduates) in the economy, through our trade and software exports, exported software and computer services.

However, our interlocutor regrets many companies and companies to ignore IT operators in the Tunisian market and relate to imported software products.

To explain this imbalance, our source takes two examples. Although there are three Tunisian service companies developed by high quality banking software, Tunisia and some of our banks continue to import software from global banking.

In fact, the African leader was a company like BFI, our interlocutor tells us, banks with the solution of 14 Cartaggio Solutions. Only in 2018, BFI has set up three housing banks in Africa, Senegal, Chad and most recently in Niger.

On the other hand, our local bank elected Tunisian as a Global Banking solution in Tunisia, "because our priority is to develop obsolete products, as it is more developed in the old language, more than 50 million Tunisian dinar licenses and its implementation."

Since the premier was set up in the South Korean publisher "Thunes", an online publication system, the public ministry has not survived. According to our expert opinion, this solution is a problem because it failed to hide all the features requested.

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As a result, the government has issued a call to call tender tenders. Our source says "Failure means acceptance".

Unfortunately, no-one is a prophet. Tunisian software companies are not exempt.

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