Wednesday , May 18 2022

Union Canal Cancellation of Union Cavers: Laminie Fall, Central Deputy Secretary-General Modi Givo rescues


The National Confederation of Senegal (Sense) is trying to save Modi from destroying Modi's claim that the road transport trade union was behind the cancellation of the rally.

"The Congress is not preventing the Congress, but Dakar has been banned by the program," said Deputy Secretary General Lemin Fall, "We are a bad debate for Modi's grievances and the road-transport union, which is part of the industrial sector in the face of the threat of threat to public transportation.

He was speaking at a press conference on Wednesday prepared for the preparation of the federal convention on November 17 and 18. He will take part in the presidency of President Maki Sall.

"The National Confederation of Workers in Senegal in the roots of all social victories in our country must continue to play its role and advise on all issues related to the economy, social, environmental and sustainable development and danger.

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