Friday , January 22 2021

Wall Street is coming to an end by expressing concern about the signs of America's development

>> The Wall Street, ending, depending on the dialogue between Beijing and Washington
>> Wall Street, holding its breath, has fallen short
>> Wall Street welcomes Fed Boss's comment

New York Stock Exchange. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Wall Street's flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 3.10% to 25,027.07 points, according to the closing results of the closure. The Nasdaq index with strong technological color dropped 3.8% to 7,158.43 points. The broader S & P 500 index slipped 3.24% to 2,700.06 points. After the announcement of 90-day business negotiations between Beijing and Washington,People are starting to break the details of the ceasefire and realize that it will be difficult to find a specific contract within 90 days " Manhattan M. Knott Though said.

The American President himself boasted about his negotiating skills, and who went ahead on Monday, "Big leap forward " In relation to his partner, Tuesday, December 4 was more cautious to the success of the negotiation. For the first time, Donald Trump 1 increased the chances of expanding the troupeST March before extending customs taxes imported from China's $ 200 billion Chinese products to 10-25% Some observers were worried about Monday, December 3, a very short period of three months to reach a trade agreement.

In the absence of agreement between the two countries, the trade restrictions are more intensely US. And make the global economy worse predictable Gradually, slowly and slowly, gradually slowly slowly and slowly slowly and slowly slowly lenders. The ten year interest rate has sharply declined, which is 2.907%, and the difference between this rate and the two year bill is the lowest since 2007.

Transition from 10 years down to two years, usually "Yield turnover inversion"Depressed shelter in the US is not considered after the last financial crisis of 2007-2008. "However, talking about recession is very premature, but the market is clearly saying that growth and inflation will slow down next year."Carl Hlinge of LBW commented The interest rate for two-year-old US debt has increased from 21:20 GMT to 2,793%, from ten years to 2,910% and it has increased from 30 years to 3,166%. The nervous sign of investors seizing again, volatility index on Wall Street, ViX, has reached that level since November 23.


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