Saturday , June 10 2023

"We have published everything we've discussed"


"We've published everything we've discussed. Dividends will be shared to the people while maintaining a shared partnership for future generations"Saido Guy said, the national spokesperson for the republic of the Republic (April).

Today morning, Sido Guy believes that President McIllo has no right to ask those who do not know, that the difference between gas and oil can not be said, and let itself not to lose in the festivities of the fake-politician-oil experts.

Makki's decision to publish all contracts becomes a significant democratic movement. It discusses the scope of transparency permitted by Senegalese to discuss Senegalese origins. The best interest in the country based on the appropriate provision of our mining.

"The ranking in the framework of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITU) has strengthened the growth of the sector."He added.Senegal is the fourth country in the world".

Thus, the AP's representative declares that the Zoll record is a growing Senegal deserves considerable support to enable him to complete his vision. The horizon opens with the possibility of reducing food prices, stability of electricity prices, rebuilding scholarships for students, improving their living conditions, social care, PUDC, family safety, PUMA or promotion, product or der, senegalez.


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