Monday , May 17 2021

Worried to PSG Nammer

Everything has been good for this Sunday night. Fierce, effective, in its dribbling, Brazil also opened scoring for Guillermo de Bordeaux (2-2) against Paris Saint-Germain. And then, the international revolutions lost a smile in the 67th minute. Bordeaux favors taking the lead, Nemer dead rebounds. Griming, Paris Saint-Germain's Number 10 did not take the time to greet his colleagues sitting on the bench. Spooky in Crochure, Parisian has returned to the locker room straightaway.

An image for red and blue does not really disagree. After leaving the stadium, Nemer did not want to stay in front of the camera, but was hanging low on the bus. To play a shock against Liverpool, after pursuing a contract with Cameron against Brazil, after chasing to return from injury, Brazilian Champions has returned in nine days of crucial match in the league. Belgrade Red Star? If there is no definitive diagnosis in the Atlantic Atlantic, then the Parisian ranks really do not show great peace.

Relays for Nemer?

"I'm a bit worried, but I hope he's okay. He must recover, he played without 100% against Liverpool. He did everything there. Now we know that the most important game for us (against Belgrade, ed) ) And I hope it will be 100%. "Marco Verraty said in the mixed zone. "I did not talk to them, but tomorrow they will have to take exams"Thiago Silva said on her side. Little Bollywood against the French media, the captain of the PSG was a little disappointing with Brazilian journalists. "We do not know, but it certainly has something, because when you know it, you know that it is not coming out of a match like him. If he is out, he has got something, but we're in the doctor's shoes. They do not even know because they do not speak. "

During a press conference, Thomas Tuschel, during, he said "All did not know" What has happened to its player? But in the mixed zone, Marquinhos confirmed that before the match against Liverpool, his teammate touched the same place as a neat injury. "He felt as much as he felt before match against Liverpool (editor Touch). You have to give him some time. We have important timing, we will need it." But if the relapses are confirmed, make sure that this time Nemor has been restored in record time. Suspension remains perfect.

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