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90 Years and Plant Land: He was a very good star, and then he disappeared completely from the scene! Do not tell you what you are doing today … and how it looks (video) Stars


Nikka and Sandro Markovic brothers were at the peak of popularity in the 1990s. They released the last album in 2007 and withdrew from the music scene.

Sandra Markovic's audience is still able to successfully run the TV show for 27 years and also works as an expert in sports medicine.

On the other hand, Nickica is no longer a media personality. Currently she lives and works in her native Nis, where she has her own work for physical medicine and rehab.

Prior to "Band of the West", the members of the Markovich brothers "From the Heart" were members, founded in Split in 1987. Rock music and rock music played as a pre-group in the Dan Devonnik music concert During the war, they climbed to Nis and established a "Prosturk Band" with friend Valando Mellunovic in 1994, which is a tone engineer.

Writers are numerous hits and many awards winners. The year 1999 is considered to be the culmination of his career, after which he published the "Objective Lease" album and named his personal card the same name.

The last single "Summer Scheme" was released in 2007 and since then it is not on the music scene. Marquoc's brothers happily get married today


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