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About CERA RAŽNATOVIĆ VERBIBE SINHA: It's too early to be grandmother

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November 16, 2018 14:02 |

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The local star summarizes the influence and feelings of his son Veljko and his chosen Bodhana Rhodi.

Folk star Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic still summoning stamps and emotions from her son Veljko's faith Bogdana Rodic. It was a very emotional moment for her when she still speculated about the offer details and the idea of ​​future singer singer, singer "singer" rather than "novelty",

– Two people think it's a great moment they want to get trapped in a way – says Sega Raznatovic for our newspaper. – I was very emotional as a mother, because the girl who loves your child asks. I have not tears, and I keep it for my kids' wedding. When all the members of the family were hiding, they concealed from it. His most trusted friend was his sister Anastasia. He went to dinner with Boddan and surprised her. He called me and told me that he had asked Boden.

I praised them and blamed them when they arrived at home. In the evenings, when I read the portals, I laughed at all the secret he did secretly.

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* When Velgro and Bogandon are preparing for the wedding?

– Very soon, I will definitely support my son in such a decision to talk about a wedding. There is no plan for him, and when the moment comes I will be the happiest mother of the world. They will celebrate a year of relationship in January, so there is time for the wedding.

* The journey to the future, do you specifically agree?

– It's very valuable, cultural and productive. Today, these varietal characteristics are very rare among men, and somehow they show little. Boddana is from a good family and has learned all the values ​​that their parents have brought from their lives.


* What kind of mother are you?

– For a moment, when this moment comes, I do not need to be too strict, but I let them make their decisions. They always have my support and I believe that they will be able to perform their life without any help.

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* Do you want to become Grandmother immediately?

– For me, you can wait a few years. Gradually, all the time will come. Grandmother very early, now I am my best. When my children grow up, if they recognize it in every part of their lives, my age starts to live now. My time is coming (Laughter).

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