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All on the driver's private life: On Mother's Day she became a mother, she loves her husband, and you definitely do not know this! They offered to sell me a part of the World Body! | Stars

Natasha Akcentijew gave a visit to Lena when she expected her second child. In the meantime, only for Easter Day, she became a mother. There are women who have heavy roles and jobs and they are easily congratulated and one of them is this actress and leader. She showed high professionalism at the "DNA" show, and then we found out that she is a great personality, which has integrity. She lives normal life with her husband, Dusan and daughter Helen, and now another baby has come.

Do you expect a boy or girl?

A girl. For the first time, I was scared for not giving birth to my son, and then I fell in love with my daughter, so now I am happy as a woman.

How do you feel in another pregnancy?

In relation to life – great. I will stand well, I do not know, maybe I will always be pregnant. It's just that I'm just tired of the end, but it's a big stomach that you're always keeping with yourself. There is nothing else. I recently ran the show in Barreren, so in Evangelica …

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Without consent

Which one?

– "How and why husbands should be killed", directed by the Crooked Poetry, is according to a hilarious comedy and Antonio Emirius. The partner is my companion Piga Boronovic.

You often play together.

– It's easy to cooperate for me. I do not have a job for many years because I do not want to compromise. I do not know how smart he was.

What do you need to do?

– To swallow six duplicating and to laugh at the role of someone, who you will not like for a role. There was also a situation where they offered to sell some parts of their body … but since then I do not trade arms, head, heart, and anything else. And because when you have to play a role, it still asks who you want to play with, you are very fortunate to feel it. I chose Payza because we have known Academy for 20 years, and we have been privately stuck.

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TUG without an archive

There are roles with pregnancy. You were in "Serbian Movie". Do you believe it is important to participate in this project for your career?

– When you make such movies in your life, you're kind of calm, you can easily accept all of them … When you work on pink televisions, dolls received by your co-workers "Serbian film" was filmed ten years ago. Recently, Sergei Trifunovic mentioned in an interview that I played, when he asked this, he asked the director, and he said: "In the future." And indeed, our newborns have not adopted legislation in the Assembly, which does not allow us to treat … no matter where you are, and these are human things. You can not refuse to pass the law to not treat our children with SMS messages. It's really disastrous.

How did you feel when running such shows like "DNA"? Mothers eyes are waiting for a decision about whether her husband is the biological father of a child?

Initially, it was very difficult and tense, mostly because it was about children. As long as my husband said: "Or stop crying or loosing." I want everyone to help him. And then you came to a strange discovery to help you: it's a personal choice. You have a lot of poor people who are fighting for survival, and they are fair, beautiful, "normal". And you also have this other side where you realize that there is a tricky desire for TV exposure under the scenes of a difficult social story … It was fantastic that we succeeded in showing a documentary document without solving any issues and resolving such gracious issues. Have been

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When not a demo

What kind of environment did you grow?

– In such a case where he was considered to be a good student, a good man. My parents did not choose me a company, music, dress style, and they did not restrict me. I prefer high school and college. Being a private college, my parents asked if they were able to fund it. My mother of my whole life was afraid that why I did not wear a dark blue suit and why she thrown me into a booty boot on the shop that I always bought because I did not like to wear clothes like dance … it was just a struggle. The father left his mother, did not even know a specific class in school (laughter).

You're official. Do not worry about diet due to line.

I can not It is very useless. I know that I can not ever be a long-footed charmer or beauty, passing through the frame and filling a beautiful long hair, but that does not mean I can not play any other role. If someone chooses to eat, he eats. And vice versa, they are just happy! The hardest thing is that no one eats because it is fashion and it is best to enter a small skirt, and eat 850 grams of beer in the morning. I am eating and I am happy. I understand and when someone eats cheese and two almonds, and it's okay.

Love and freedom

How do you describe your marriage?

– Like one of the most common weddings. A common love relationship, in which everything works perfectly. I fell in love with my husband and he fell in love with me. I realized that he did what he did – he did the best and I wanted to marry him. Without much interest, not just stuff, but everyone else too. Women marry as long as they live alone, somebody … and they can not work. It's better and healthy to be alone and happy, but with someone and unhappy.

What is the most important about educating a child?

Love is the most important thing in life. To get great love and understanding for yourself and others. I'm teaching Helen, and I think things will work like this. I have not registered in English, French, Gymnastics, Belle, Piano … I think it is more important to get out of the wet, wet skin with snowballing, drowning, snowballing, let it come out all day long. I do not say that education is not important, but it is time for parents to understand their ambition by their children. I returned tired, unfortunate children from seventeenth activities and I did not like it.

Slacka Sassenica Joe Bohia

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Christmas is always celebrated in my home, as well as in the glory. At that time I was young, we lived in one place where all the officers and first-class officers lived … General Belgrade story. Until the eighties, we should not celebrate pride, because Dada was regularly taken to prison after the celebration. They say, they will be back in two days. Christmas was good, there were not many guests, we celebrated in the family circle. So I say. But as my grandmother's smoker, the only difference is that I make sweet garlic like a dry pie, without a coin in the test. As we celebrate, let's have a happy Christmas! Jorgovanovic Photo: Dragan Kadić


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