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Anastasia spoke with George about the changes in her relationship, giving full details!


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05.08.2019 22:05

Anastasija Raznatovich

Anastasia Raznatovich, Photo: Screenshots Instagram

The young singer says she knows there are many people who say "it's easy for her" for many reasons, but believe she has fought for many things she has achieved.

Young music star Anastasia Raznatovich spends her first days in August on vacation in Montenegro, where she tries to enjoy and recharge before entering the studio and recording her first album. She has been active in the world of music since her inception last year, pointing out that she did everything herself without the help of Svetlana Raznatovich's mother. We asked her what the secret to her success was.

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– Definitely innovation, creativity, confidence in yourself, effort, work and dedication. Professionalism also plays a big role, which I can boast about with humility. I'm a big perfectionist in the business, and I don't allow for anything – Anastasi starts a conversation and adds what she has to say to young dreaming young people today:

– If you believe in yourself then nothing is impossible. Hard work, hard work and positive thinking can achieve anything as incomprehensible as the moment. One might say "easy for her" for many reasons, but these are mostly people who lack confidence and don't seem to recognize the dedication and dedication of others. I think the more "strong backs" you have, the more I have and I have, you will not be able to move on and achieve great success unless you are fully committed to them.

Although she recently lived in an apartment in Varac, rather than a family home in Lutis Bogdana, she believes that is a common consequence of growing up.

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– Before I changed my position I was on my own. I don't think it changed my life much. I take care of myself and I am old enough to be able to make decisions on my own, without having to fight or interfere with anyone. Of course, when it comes to economic matters too – Sisina's daughter explains and declares that J સાથેrgen Kuljic, elected with her life, came after two years of emotional bondage:

– I'm not talking about emotional life, but I can look at this question as some of my tendencies and generalize it. I think this is definitely an important step in a relationship between two people in a relationship because when you are together you can actually meet someone. Well, you know if you're one for the other. If you learn to accept your spouse as a person who has many qualities, besides flaws, then you are ready to coexist with it.

Anastasija Raznatovich

Anastasia Raznatovich, Photo: Yoshida / Allo Masnors!

Anastasia has been surrounded by media since childhood, and has its good and bad sides.

– Now I'm happy to have the opportunity to meet the wonderful and talented people I work with myself. I am glad that I have the honor of doing what I love and love. And the negative consequence of such a life is mainly a lack of privacy and a lot of prejudice. It has happened to me many times that people who have never met me have more to say about me, who have really known me for years, and very closely. However, I am not complaining. Everything in this world has its good and bad sides, the only main point is how to swim in it – he says and admits he's still shy:

– Despite public appearances and cameras, this contraction is likely to fade with age. Admittedly, when I listen to my interview three, four years ago and now I see a lot of difference. I make progress day by day.

Anastasija Raznatovich

Anastasia Raznatovich, Photo: Instagram Screenshots

Despite successfully chipping away at the stairs, Anastasia doesn't think about the concert:

– I focus on presenting myself and my music to the audience the best, and they enjoy it, so I do it with them. It's too early to talk about. I'm young and early.

In addition to her musical talent, Anastasia admits that if she had inherited it, she would have liked some of her mother's characteristics:

– I wish I had inherited that amount of patience and moments when she made the right decision, but it comes with age. In addition to the legacy I have inherited from him for music, we get a great deal of love for conversations, travels, movies, music for the same topics, understand each other and share our love. This comes first to my mind when you ask me. I am different in that I am very stubborn and if I decide on something, I will not compromise until I complete it.

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