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And he did it two times


He did it again and again - the first shooter of the Buenos Aires Luca GOLic! (VIDEO)

His goals are a good day, he can change his last name to a comet GOLić.

Look at Joy The net was shaking in Bundesliga. The two new goals in Serbia's national team were not just for three points. Such stars are amongst the stars in Shacklecake (3: 0), in the competition and 4th place, the best scorer in Brake Bundesliga. Alkasar, Lemendowski, Werner, Gomes

Get down more than one person from Bijeljina.

Hosts have long protested, even in the first 45 minutes even Ernakat was not even known, from the very beginning he had led three points ahead – Reebok, Jovic i Al. However, in the middle of the second half, the Blancon connection was completed and with good cooperation I will cut it off, Jovic He practiced Stambulia Helpless Ferm 61st minute in Frankfurt

I helped him by night Look To return to the front pages of German newspapers, the locals paid attention to the second goal Philip Costige. Prestige of likes of strain by Mujistoresky Refreshing Sweep Cibi, Oblivio Laptop of Ivy Disasters, Tama Júpano Look Goalkeeper was back in the back of Shalki. What a terrible break!

There's something in that big sequence Jovic, When you just need to keep the ball in an empty net, none of these hits has existed, but we often work hard to get into our geek. But obviously if he is a selector rather than how he's spent his hard work he may be sinful Krstajić The League of Nations does not offer a chance at the next round, why not the Serbian football players like everyone Mithravok.

He was a party that gave him immense support JovicThat is it Look He thought about his Frenchman and the day before a scam Sebastian Al In the 80th minute, the ball stole the ball out of the bottom. But that does not change, the fact that Serbia is the best person in this competition.

He is a trainer Quick At the age of 82 he praised the entire stadium and gave him anxiety. Majath Gvichovich Who started the competition in the bench of Reservation?

This victory and Indraktk moved from fourth place to the Champions League and wrote Big Beer. Below are a few of the dome. A set of issues.

Bundlesliga – Round 11


Hannover – Wolfsburg 2: 1 (1: 0)
/ Mina 30, Beubu 63 Pench – speed 82pen /


Hoffhum – Augsburg 2: 1 (0: 0)
/ Kramaraky 65, Nelson 83 – Fingogozon 70 /

Fortu Dusseldorf – Herta 4: 1 (0: 0)
/ Uzomami 50, Henging 63, Raman 84, 90 + 2 – Selk 88 /

Freiburg – Minus 1: 3 (0: 2)
/ Salaj – Giban 6, Matteo 18, Onizio 75 /

NoBurg – Stuttgart 0: 2 (0: 0)
/ Bungart 68, Tommy 82 /

Veder – Menngablab 1: 3 (0: 2)
/ Shaheen 59 – Pella 39, 48, 52 /

Dortmund – Burner 3: 2 (0: 1)
/ ROYS 49. Penal, 67, Alkur 74 – Levantovsky 26, 52 /


RB LeapSign – Leverkusin 3: 0 (1: 0)
/ Paulsen 27, 85, clusterman 68 /

Eintracht Frankfurt – Schalke 3: 0 (0: 0)
/ Jovic 61, 73, and 80 /

Photo: Reuters

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