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Apple Pal praises device because of China-US trade war

Apple Because of the American-Chinese trade war, in which Trump has announced a new $ 300 billion tax levy on Chinese goods imports, There are two options – to raise prices IPhone On average $ 100 devices, as well as any other devices that they make in China or make a difference in price themselves. The latter is unlikely, but the Cupertino-based company does its best There was no increase in the cost of its equipment, At least not sharply.

When it comes to Apple Pal, one of the most popular "buttons" whose predictions are usually true, Ming Chia KuoTrump will not raise prices due to Trump's decision, but will need to be drastically cut through the supply chain. According to this IT analyst statement, Apple will try to maximize Paul non-Chinese suppliers. Their product, to avoid the fee of every piece that can be made.

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Given that the US for Trump It would be difficult to make a scenario about Apple Pull Manufacturing in, the company is forced to adapt in every possible way to new business conditions, because then it will not only be on top, but also profitable.

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Due to this pressure, Apple Pool is already planning to move up to 30 percent in personal device manufacturing from China to other countries – Taiwan, India, Vietnam and several other countries. However, all of this takes time and complete logistics, as suppliers and transportation and many other very important factors are changing in the business of such a large and powerful company.

In any case, it is good that Apple Pull does not increase prices immediately.

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