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ATP List: Nolet's gains dropped by 90 points

There are no major changes to the latest ATP list. Novak Djokovic's lead was slightly shortened against Rafael Nadal, with Gail Monfis making the most progress at five positions.

Rafael Nadal

Minas Panagiot ak Kiss / Getty Images

There are no major changes at the top of the ATP list. As Rafael Nadal defends the Rogers Cup Trophy, he has just as many ATP points as he did last Monday, while Novak Djokovic lost 90 points due to his failure to participate in Canada. So the difference between him and Nadal is now 4380 points. The third is still Roger Federer, 485 points less than Nadal.

The fourth is Dominic Tim, and Stefanos Sisipas lost fifth place to Kei Nishikori. Sasha Zverev is ranked sixth in the world, and the young Greek is seventh. The top 10 have been completed by Karel Hachnov, Danil Medvedev and Fabio Fonzini.

Borna Coric has stepped up and is now the 13th player in the world, while Gail Monfis has progressed to the top 20 in the world after falling from 15th to 15th. Marine Cilic has lost two positions in the past week and is now 18th. Tennis player of the world.

Dusan Lajovich finished in 28th place, Laslow Goyer in 37th place, while Philip Kraszinovic moved up one week to 100th in the ATP list with 1008 points. Miyomir Kekmenovic finished in 58th place, Ivo Karlovic in the 80th, and Alaja Baden was the only 100th player in the field, with the Slovenian at 90th.

Nikola Milojevich is ranked 150th in the world and Victor Trocki is 153rd. Janko Tipsyvic is at number three last week and is now the 257th player on the ATP list.

Damir Jumhur is the best player of Bosnian tennis. He has advanced five places and is now the 104th player in the world.

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