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Christ is Born! Thousands of believers in the midnight worship in the temple of St. Sawaan

    IMG-ccd3edf93f605b5f9c5144a553fa1458-VPhoto: M. Radonic / RAS Serbia

Fireworks from Belt Stad's St Savo Temple and the front belt started the midnight celebration of Christmas. Thousands of devotees of the temple and attendees are present in the worship of the most joyful Christian holidays.

Many middlemen gathered before the middle of the temple, and many of them were young people, and families with many small children can also be seen. Before the beginning of the church, fireworks were fired, and fireworks were also heard.

Photo: P. Dimitrizivk / RAS Serbia

– Many people, especially young people, were never there. I come every year and I do not remember that there were many people – the story of Belgrade citizen Goran Obradovic.

Photo: M. Radonic / RAS Serbia

Midnight Leiturgi, along with a high priest, serves as the Bishop Stefan Saric, the elder of St. Sava Temple and the Prime Minister of SPC Irina.

Bishop Stephen served LiturgyePhoto: S. Radovanovic / Tanzug
Bishop Stephen served Liturgye

During the occasion of the temple, there are also hundreds of people of all generations on the bar.

Earlier, before the temple, the childhood of Budajokov was celebrated by Prime Minister Irinaj, and after that the temple's crypt was severely monitored. Today Christmas tree has been burned in Serbia as against many churches and temples.

Photo: M. Radonic / RAS Serbia

The people of Serbia on Christmas Day, the most joyful Christian Holidays, greet the words "Christ is born" – "Veto is born"

Christmas is always a mourning day, which is the first 40 day Christmas post, which represents the spirit and body purification. In the festive Christmas dinner, the most important garlic, which is a cake mixed with wheat flour without yeast.

Gold or silver coin is placed in a garbage bar, and it breaks only through lunch, or cuts off a knife.

Photo: P. Dimitrizivk / RAS Serbia

Those who believe that the coin gets in its part, they will be lucky next year.

Finding Christmas pies at the table is common. Guests, the first guests on Christmas, are presented with gifts.

SPC and believers celebrate Christmas three days. The second day of Christmas, the Convention of the Most Holy Theoscos, is celebrated on the third day of St. Stephen's gratitude for the birth of the Savior.

Photo: P. Dimitrizivk / RAS Serbia

Apart from the SPC, Christmas is celebrated on 7th January by the Russian Orthodox Church, Jerusalem Patriarchart, the holy mountain, the Ancient Calendar of Greece and Egyptian Copts, which honor the Julian calendar.

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