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Confirmation of FIAT – Develops SUVs made in Serbia

Fiat Automobile CEO Oliver Franco confirmed that the Italian company is developing a potential SUV made in Serbia.

The FIAT 601 is a model that can be built in Serbia

The FIAT 601 is a model that can be built in Serbia

The Italian medium-sized family crossover will be built in Kragujevac with the new Fiat 500L, though it has been speculated that it could be replaced.

It will have seven seats, powered by a firefly gasoline engine and a new lightweight hybrid drive. No info on diesel, though that is expected to be a standard option as well.

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FIAT is focusing on electrifying its game from next year, all models will be electrically powered

"Until yesterday, traditional cars were selling well. We didn't change because why would anyone pay 9,000 euros more for a single electric car? Now things are different, they are no longer a choice, it becomes a duty." He commented Francois To be involved in the lightning race

And it will also build a new five-seat Fiat Conventtive electric model and a 380-liter luggage compartment, closing the production of the pontoon and filling the gap in the B-segment.

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FIAT does not leave Craiguijavac – 500L becomes 18,000 Euro SUV?

With one battery, Kantoventi can travel more than 150 km, and a length of more than four meters will allow it to establish a total of four modules and 600 km of autonomy.

Extensive-autonomous version of the battery costs 500 3,500-4,000. It will cost up to 31-32,000. The starting price will be about 15,000.

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The rig will have 120-150hp and accelerate from 0-100km / h at a top speed of 150km / h in about eight seconds.

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