Tuesday , August 16 2022

DARA BUBBARA: Carlesaus and I have a DUA, Maja Berevich is an exceptional girl |


Singer Dara Bumaramara Last Sunday singles news columns were filled All inclusive, Quarrels with Vlad Giorgiiyev, Once they cooperated.

In a great interview Council, She revealed the moment she was born The split between the government and the government What is the cause of his frequent attacks?

"I Wolo him as a worker, studio Kong marks the time allowed to do a song. Later, I was confined, TLZP show, I gave a little weird statements, I have a big vileadea was the pattupatukalilekk. Then I nilattuvilunnu," Brother, I am orkkunnuna give you my permission to patistutikkumpeal Azure I do not know if I have to tell a woman like me about my heroine because I am working on my career, I'm in trending number … vetoo is a classical defeat and drunk, when he hits me I'm not unhappy Calculator I do not know why I can read the boldness of that drunkenness. " Bummarama is honest, now preparing a new album, singing a song with a song – Jelana Carulessa.

"I have crazy energy, I will stop, I'm announcing new images, songs, duets with Calleesa," Explains: "If two of us say it on Duarte – it has already come, but imagine the place! Everyone will be jealous, we have a good song and it will be an unusually good place."

Babbarama and the concert also supported Maja Berevich In Arena. Although she did not appear, her colleagues praised her success.

"Dara, you're right now, you're doing right now, I will not do it in October, I'm there to be a consorter." She said to me, "I'm a wonderful girl. It's a very good girl and not like other singers, Maja is me Respect. Almost she has made some progress, and she is working for her in shape. I am not wicked to be a concert, but I was keaseaveayiyil, I worked full-varantyattilum, Although magnetic associations do not have good words, Babu Corolli i Brother is brother.

"They turn off the more bugs, the cow, I'm not talking much about them, they are irrelevant," Boomeraer is short.

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