Tuesday , August 3 2021

Eat Moderate Fruit: Excessive fructose can cause harm to the body

"An apple a day, a doctor doctor at home" is a well-known idea that has truth. We know that apples are good for our health, but what about two or more apples?

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Photo: Deposit Photo / TKPhotography

Photo: Deposit Photo / TKPhotography

More finely, how much fruit should be injected into the body from a fixed amount required by our organisms on a daily basis?

The question is whether excess fruit is harmful to health and harmful to the body. Certainly a rat fruit contains fructose, which is why it is so delicious and sweet, but excessive fructose can cause problems for the body.

An apple contributes to health, for example three apples often results in a fatty liver.

When the liver becomes fat, most assume it is due to alcohol. Doctors say that it has nothing to do with alcohol in 20 to 30 percent of cases, but it is due to too much fructose.

Does that mean we should eat only vegetables? No, said German physician Carsten Lukutat. "I'd be happy if my patients ate more noise" because people would eat very little of it.

Photo: Deposit Photo / Vadimwassenin

Photo: Deposit Photo / Vadimwassenin

But you need to think about what kind of fruit we eat and in what quantity because it does not contain all the same fruit of the same ara.

Bananas, apples, plums have many ears except orange or pomegranate. The nutritionist's recommendation is to have five servings of fruit and vodka per day. Injury takes priority. For example, two pieces of fruit, and three vomit.

It doesn't matter how the fruit is eaten. All. “All fruit is better than processed fruit factories,” notes Lakutat. As Lecutat notes, the ear is fairly present in his juices and reaches the bloodstream, which is why he is not a fan of orange juice in the morning.

Many experts are not impressed by popular memory – a combination of the all-time favorite leader.

When you look at all the ingredients, you probably won't eat that much fruit in one meal. But in the form of dullness, it happens very quickly.

Does that mean skipping orange juice or snacks for breakfast? The answer is again – no.

In other words, the amount of fruit you eat should be balanced with your lifestyle. Who wants to start the day with orange juice, they should use the web to spend their time introducing the body.

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