Thursday , January 21 2021

Executive Board of Border's Borders: In winter, they take the second flat of the PERIOD family! The irregularities in the process that the oldest lawyers do not remember is the news

Some executives are not able to evacuate. For example, after the seven-member family, Saul has already taken his home in Srimska friends, now the executives now want to sell another apartment in Novi Sad due to the debt of 39,000 Euros.

Executives sold apartments in Sumska friends and in December last year tried to release Muhammad and Adil Shahi with their four children, pregnant daughter and a grandson, but Kurir wrote that the ignominy was postponed. However, after the sale of an apartment in Sermessa Mitrovica, executives scheduled a bid for Sović's apartment in Nowi Sad, which was a matter of controversy.

– Everything was started in 2011, when SOLIKA has some special ID of DI. An apartment in Æafarikova Street sold a apartment with a garage in the Novi Sadan and he had to pay 120,000 euros through the contract. D. Muhammad then paid 39,000 euros in a restaurant in the presence of the witness and immediately received keys from the apartment, while the remaining amount was to be paid when he allegedly took a loan. However, the woman immediately changed the door lock, she went to the apartment and started giving it to third parties, and never paid the remaining money – says the lawyer of the Serbian dragon Obradovic, the lawyer of the Quran.

According to him, after two months, the DIA claimed that Muhammad had requested to return 39,000 euros, arguing that it was a loan, not part of the sale of the apartment.

– Earlier, he did not even advise to leave the apartment, and he did not return the key, and he used the apartment for seven full years. Despite this, the judge and the executor have decided to seize an apartment of 71 square meters in Sara Sassa Mitravaka, in which they settle for Solic's settlement of 3,9,000 euros, although it was likely that the costs could be settled in another way. Two million dinners are sold in the apartment of Sarmisska Mitrovica, this family is waiting for a redress, and now they want to sell this apartment in Novi Sad – says Obradovic.

Shauvik has no place,
Just under the Swesky Bridge

– I have not seen these irregularities for 41 years of my career!

If they sell this apartment, then there is no place for Shawlis, they are going to live under the Swava Bridge of Shremska Mitvakana. In addition, Muhammad's daughter is in the sixth month of dangerous pregnancy, and with her four-year-old grandson also lives. This is terrible! – Family lawyer dragon obradovic rebellion.

Execution chamber
Does not match a flat debt

The Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers says that in previous control by the court it has been shown that the public implementation officer has not done any irregularities in the concrete case.
– The amount of an apartment sold in the Sarmeska Mitrovacca, according to the first public sales-bodied execution and safety law, is not enough to settle the claims of the Executive Ladder, the enforcement of the public implementation agent is compelled to continue the enforcement and execution of claims. The second thing and the implementation tool, especially on other real estate, is a flat in Novi Sad – answered in Comora.

( / Jelena Pronić)


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