Tuesday , August 3 2021

Hot! Dibala is almost fighting, with Juventus leaders in England now selling to both runners and stoppers!

There is no movement around Paul DiBala, it looks like United and transfer
Definitely failed, and now Juventus will hesitate to sell Mandzwick
Because he can't bring in another attacker.

United will no longer be interested, unless Lukaku leaves the club,
Juventus leaders are in London, but there has been no replacement.

Dibala almost didn't fight the cameraman this morning, they followed
The juicy curse, that moment came to a close with Argentina momentarily
The fans who begged him not to leave, the cameraman who ran
Catching everything didn't nearly hit him, which made him angry

He made the previews for the new season, the question is what he likes
The situation after the rejection of the United States is awaiting final sale
Neymar, it is rumored that PSG may like "La Hoja".

But for now, everything is on the long stick.

As we said, Juventus leaders are on the island, trying to end it
Sells, more precisely the exchange of Kinsale and Danilo which is very close,
Also selling Arsenal the patient.

Specifically, Saree said he needed four stoppers,
De Licht, Bonocchi and Cajelli are undisputed, with Demirel proving himself
Better than they expected, so Juve will push him.
In the rotation, the Turks crossed Rugani who broke the play
Empoli of saree, but now it is stable and looks like a new coach is not coming
He thinks he can bring it back to its old form.

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