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If you do this | If you use the option, your Skype conversations are hidden

People regularly listen to the conversation of everyone who uses the translation option

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Photo Credit: Profmedia / Westend

Microsoft .ft employees are tapping your Skype conversation in the sky, a new Motherboard site report has revealed.

According to him, Skype using the Translate option is "tapped" by people to improve the translation of the conversation.

And the motherboard site came with internal documentation and audio deo recordings showing examples of what people are recording and listening to.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the Skype translation option improves over time, but using people is a controversial topic because Microsoft has not explicitly stated on the site that people will listen to other people's conversations.

Microsoft .ft Skype Translator 01

Photo: Micros .ft

The question and page about this feature states that conversations are being recorded, but it cannot clearly state that people are listening to those conversations.

The recording provided is usually between 5 and 10 seconds, but may be longer.

And the footage includes footage of people talking about weight loss, relationship problems and phone sex.

Microsoft .ft claims that AzaAudioDio uses a secure Internet portal and that any data that can identify participants in the conversation is removed.


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