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If you drank the Republic / It's Antibiotics, then you are respected laws.


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The specific amount should be drunk until the end

Within a few days, if you have all your symptoms withdrawn and you think that it is good, if you take a drink of the drug, the doctors have been told to consume antibiotics for a short time, even for a few days. If you have been advised to take one medication for a week, take note of these instructions for ten days, two or weeks.

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– The fixed dose should be drunk until the end – doctors are emphasizing. It is important to do this if prevention is not created.

Avoid alcohol and look for other medications you accept

Like other drugs, antibiotics are inadequate to include alcohol. It just simplifies or revokes their activity.

Also, if you take any other medicines, consult your doctor. You can find out who's best to get them together.

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You should respect the particular dose and distance

A tip that can pass through each point is to take care of your doctor's instructions.

– The prescribed dose and clearance are respected for action, release or drug diversification. Follow the instructions – add that the doctors say it does not matter if it is an hour of neglect. However, it is good to drink antibiotics to respect the "rules of the game".

Do not visit ruins from a "home pharmacy"

We have a lot of drawers at home with a preserved drug. In addition to painkillers, it can also reduce the temperature and the same immune antibiotics. When some of us realize that we are "courageous", we misunderstood the ruins of a "home pharmacy".

Because the doctor is the doctor to decide whether or not the doctor has antibiotics.

– This should not be done, where many people take medicines for viral issues where antibiotics are quite unnecessary. Only resistance has been created, the body does not react when the antibiotics really matter, "said the doctor.

Maintaining the balance of intestinal flora is important when you eat antibiotics

People receiving antibiotics are infected with intestinal microbiotic. These drugs can make changes in "good", "bad" bacteria, and may cause long-term adverse effects on intestinal plants. Therefore, it is recommended to accept using probiotics antibiotics.

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