Sunday , May 22 2022

"Ika" stretches the expanded table "Gillivorp"


"Ica" has received customer feedback from the table, spreading and falling from the table.

They invite customers who have milk and white "gliwarp", which will expand the product to replace it with a full refund of paid amount or for a similar product at the Aika Department Store.

They say that they do not need any proof of purchase.

"The factory has a serious approach to product safety, all of our products have been tested and compliance with applicable standards and legal requirements." Despite this, we received customer instructions to expand and separate part of the GiverP desk. "

Cindy Andersen, the Kitchen and Dining Head in "Ika Ove Sweeden", says there is a risk of expanding apart from the table.

"Consumer security is a priority, so we have decided to take this series back as a precautionary measure," Anderson said.

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