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Is E-cars the least hot air


It succeeds at a glance: German roads will be 50% more e-cars than last year. According to official figures from the motor vehicles federal office in January 2018, 54,000 electric cars were registered in Germany. In the first nine months of the year, 24,574 vehicles were registered, wrote Duke Wellwell.

After a little bit, it is quite clear that e-cars in Germany have no significant role. In Hamburg, 0.18% (in all federal territories), Berlin, Bavaria (0.17%), Baden Württemberg (0.16%). So far, Saxony Anhalt – 0.06 percent.

Sporovozna elektrifikacija

Electric Drive is slowly "tip", but quite "environmental and meaningful", which inspires the analysis of the "SEG Automotive" company. The Stuttgart company has more than 8,000 employees around the world and cooperates with all major car manufacturers. The arguments from its analysis are understandable.

SEG calls budgets of famous traffic and climate experts. Due to larger batteries, the production of an electric car, for example, carbon dioxide is more carrier than an internal combustion engine. Therefore, only the 50% CO2 emissions per e-carrier they are claiming in the Segate are to save its entire life cycle in countries with low fossil fuel content. One example is France's nuclear power (no problem solving radioactive waste management), nor Norway using natural resources.

Major markets with high CO2 emissions

When generating electricity in the atmosphere the plug-in hybrids do not provide any benefit during the weather protection during long-term eczema in many major markets, not only in the US, India and China, but also in carbon dioxide. Or, their environmental balance is negated when compared with the domestic environmental engine.

According to a study conducted by the German automobile cluster ADACA, the SEG now calculates: a small electric car runs 50,000 kilometers alive, as it is the current mixture of power generation in Germany. Dioxide instead of a suitable vehicle model used by petrol or diesel.

Eco car's ecological balance will be better than internal combustion. If only full energy is available, it will be used from 100 percent recycling sources. Only 150,000 km is the same. E-car has a good ecological balance with the existing electronic mix. If used with the use of ecological energy, that kind of carbon emits only a fraction of the CO2 and exerts its full internal weaknesses.

Middle route

How to Reduce CO2 emissions using the current energy mix The SEG's way of walking is "48 watt diesel-milled-hybrid". A relatively young technology that launches and produces energy at the same time. This technology is more popular with manufacturers around the world – due to energy efficiency and strict legal requirements.

Production of 48 volts of diesel hybrid carbon dioxide is expected to increase significantly, but at the same time, it protects about 15% of the petroleum and CO2. So in countries that do not have "green" electricity, it will be the best mobile variant in the context of climate protection.

But there is a silent thing across this calculation – SEG, but if you make sure you are guessing, such systems are precisely the same.

Trend is good

Edison magazine, published by Hands Blob Publishing, publishes e-mobility, sustainability and networking areas, and the SEG's analysis, if not precisely defined, goes exactly in the direction. In the case of internal combustion engines, there is still a huge possibility for CO2 savings, but there is a possibility of battery development and energy mix.

If the kits are higher, the benefits of e-cars are increasing. This would be appropriate if only electric cars were used with solar energy.

According to the new model Edison, the 15,000 km annually mileage will not replace an e-car after a three-year lease.

"We know that it does not actually need a single calculation, just a small reason to be dependent on sustainability."

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