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Iset: I admit, I threatened her because she posted me on my feet and posted on my nude pictures and messages.



Date and time:
06/29/2019. 21:16 – 06/29/2019. 21:50

"Former wife Iset Shulajevek told me that God gives me health and to give health information to the police," Sanela Guinenzek

Iset Shulajiv, persecution

Iset Shulajewik, persecution, photo: Photo / Facebook

Iset Shuljivik (60), a Tuttien sex predator, who was a fellow citizen of Sanala Guzinzek (24), "is called to interact with destruction", "all!" Immediately after writing he was arrested and help her dramatic appeal that she kills her!

The girl was persecuted for four months on Facebook, after sending photos on her, and when she was reporting to the police, she returned with the threat of death, accused of unauthorized sexual acts.

According to the orders of the Basic Public Prosecutor's office in Novi Pazar, the court ordered Chulegheek to detain him for 30 days, so that the investigation would continue in the back of the bar. The police has confessed that the girl was threatened with death because she allegedly blamed her on social networks!

Sanela Guininjak

Sanela Guinness, photo: Private archive

– The police informed me that Iset Shulajeve has accepted everything. He confirmed that he sent me the photos in which he went completely and threatened me. When he was called for an informative conversation to the first police, he did not stop, but it was the most cruel to threaten me. He told the police that he was afraid of my murder, because I asked him Facebook and his claims "Allo!" Sanla Guysinjac blocked social networks by publishing photos and messages, who have never met or found any person. She threatened her.

Senegal says with relief that she knows she feels safe after she is safe.

– It's easy because it's in custody. I hope that from now on I will trust everyone who was silent while passing through hell. I did not fear the house because he gave me the biggest disadvantage. My dad does not live, I'm alone with a sick mother and I have no protection. Everyone knows me as an honest person. After the hell passed by Sanaela, she said, "I've never had a problem and it has completely shocked me."

Iset Shulajewak left her after the shame she had imposed on her family and friends She thanked the girl for informing her husband, her friend.

– She told me that I was alive and well, that God gave me health which I informed her and declared everything. I'm very grateful Sorry it's important to come, but I have no other way. The neighbor hunter told me that the children born to him are against the police. Many people are ashamed of being a broken civilian. He first confronted his family, and each other, with a relief, said to Sunal.

There is fear on his head

Senela reported to the police and editorial office "All!" Addressed her invasion during several months because she was afraid of her life. After the first threat, the hunter blocked Facebook, but he opened new profiles and sent threatening and obscene messages.

"I know where you live, I know where you work, you're spoiled. You are my God. She is your mother's little girl", she had some dangers of sexual predators, even after the police's first reaction Do not be silent. Prior to the arrest, he sent a new message: "Listen to me, Vuitton, for what you told me to the police, you do not live well. I'll give you a perfect person and dead family, clear, a prostitute. Paintings online? You need to be good on that. When I catch you, I see you as a goat. Wrong, you're dead, "wrote the hunter on the eve of the arrest.

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