Friday , August 19 2022

Live: Red Star-Morner 27:20 (23 Minutes) | Basketball


19:20 –

The series continued to be with Rayland points (25:16). But Bruno broke up with nine points against Dronau. The existing course of the competition is much smoother. He worked hard in the work of Red Land Odess (27:20).

19:11 –

A sailor starts a good start. He sees the series 0: 5, the scribis hits, and then the Walor and Beron triplet (5: 7).

Lukovic, Odocas' "breaks the ring" on the other side of the drama and triple-sized "Interchange", then burns the long-haired horns (14:14).

Béron later sets out well and attempts to create a fowl and another personal volume in the attack. He is a great player in the Serbian team's defense. Oudes and Rogland scored points, and after the first half, Savvada is a "+7" (23:16).

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