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Look at the Serbs: Your mating and your kids will be healthy – parenting – home and family – a superwoman


The differences between children and the country are definitely different. It seems to happen somewhere else, but not in Serbia.

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By Bojana Krstæ

We already have a breastfeeding issue in Serbia, which is already close to 13.7 per cent. It is more than 90% in Scandinavian countries. In these countries, for instance, in Sweden, you know that the baby is naturally exposed to very low temperatures and when the parents are sitting with them and washing their hot water, you know that the kids are well placed to feed the sneakers in front of cafe. Drinks.

Since you can not find a picture in Serbia, it looks like you're afraid of the cold and natural conditions that occur over different times. Our parents took the baby to a cup of coffee instead of migrating to a cup of coffee rather than wintering out. The baby is much more harmful than the smoker's cold. It will not only get your child's illness properly trained.

If it is not well-trained, the child may lead to the weakening of the immune system if it is excreted. It can affect the virus and bacterial plagues.

As the cold weather arrives, we'll see the parks in Belgrade, shopping centers and games are full of children. Parents do not know that there is a risk of sickness in this home.

In winter we spoke to the professional to stand on the road to believe that we should not be free from children. Dr. Branimir Nestrovich, a pulmonologist in Tirzovo, in the University Hospital, has provided a number of expert advice for the super-lady.

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Can Infants Be Diseased?

When cold weather arrives, the frequency of breathing infections will actually increase (everyone knows). But it is not a subject of decreasing temperature. In a great 2002 analysis (carefully reviewed medical literature), it was assumed that the self-purification of the issue would not increase the risk of cold. The temperature is too fast to change. If the temperature drops faster, the mucous membranes of the mucous membranes of the lungs are produced in the skin, which makes it more likely to infect the infection. In air-conditioning, they can have a similar effect on people who enter rooms at very low temperatures. Therefore, if you're outdoors (hot skin, mucous membranes in the mucous membranes, so their cool noise), the possibility of infection is not particularly high. Social is the second cause of common infections, and most of the time people in the winter spend more time, so viral infections spread more and more. Most respiratory infections should not be prevented for more than an hour in temperature below zero, so cold chances are associated with the risk of infection. However, the respiratory viruses that are almost temperate at 20 degrees spread over ten hours. Therefore, children are not used to prevent alcohol infections, but regular use of alcohol bottles which are washering your hands.

How much time can you spend for a day or two for children and children?

With the temperature of minus 10, the production of warming does not affect the functioning of the child's immune system. Also, a moderate amount of boys 60 minutes of play leads to the suppression of almost all inflammatory diseases in children. If the parents force the child to kidnap the baby, bring immediate. Because the organism is under pressure and adversely affects the immune system.

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What is the least harmful place in the smoking room?

The best way to avoid childbearing tobacco is to avoid. This affects the liver and other infections of lung organs. Studies conducted by Yale University (USA 2009) show that tobacco smokers are often infected with viruses, and a serious clinical picture and more complications. Two cigarette doses of two weeks each day will have a weakening of the immune system. In addition, excess swelling in the lungs and lungs skin occurred.

Your advice for a strong immune system during winters?

Winter recipe is simple. A game that lasts within an hour of day. Good clothes that prevent the baby from sweating (what does naka mukra mean?). It is not necessary to overload the colored clothing because the baby can not play in it, and sweat increases the disease. When you read the temperature below minus 10, you need a hat in your head (to prevent the cold of your lips). Warm and appropriate footwear to make your feet wet. When returning to the apartment, warm drink and coating are mandatory. Fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of anthocyanins (colored fruits, rice, blueberries, blackberry blackberry, black berry). Addition of Vitamin D (which can lead to the necessity of vitamin D), Sharjapara (Vitamin A), Microwave (zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, magnesium) can be prepared. Avoid swallowing of smoking rooms. At least eight hours of sleepy sleep can often wash and wash away from the skin.

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