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Media: A man with a rich police record discovered Wu's statue

Belgrade – The Serbian Telegraph writes that a man with a rich police file, 44, is following the president's daughter day by day.

Source: Tanjung

Example: Depositphotos / Belchnock

Example: Depositphotos / Belchnock

He said that Peterson had threatened to attack people in the safety of his house and planned.

Citing the sources, the newspaper said, "He kept coming in front of the car with the presence of Malika Wui (17). He also filmed the child and the security personnel in charge of his security."

The "Serbian Telegraph" also states that Peterson is also known as Sa Paredi by security services, reported in the Velika Plana, and that he is actually in Belgrade.

Sources said, "He was the victim of protests in 1998 and 1999 and was identified by the services as a victim of extremism and terrorism."

According to the Serbian Telegraph, his biography also included serious misconduct. According to interviewees, he was arrested in 1997 for theft, and arrested in 2004 for unauthorized production and marketing of drugs.

Security officials have gone down to the point that he not only spied Malika Wui, but also revealed her intentions in emails she sent to the cabinet of the Minister of Police, Nebaja Stefanovia.

In it, he threatens to follow Wui and is planning to attack those in charge of his security. In addition, the email showed the full address of where Wei's family lives.

"Although he lives close to a residential and business center, Peterson will find it easy to work with a large number of people there," he announced in an email he sent. The information and photos collected were indeed part of his second phase on the people who informed Milica and the president's family. Actions intended to attack, "the Serbian Telegraph source explains.

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