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Medium exercise does not affect the duration of the cold or weight! • HappyyTV.RS

Increase in researchers: Moderate exercise does not affect the duration or intensity of the cold!

After all, you got a training program that suits you, and then, suddenly, you get boring cold.

Do you need to be trained during the cold or is it good to recover completely before training again?

The general rule says that if cold symptoms occur on the neck (throat, nose, sinus), you can exercise, and if you feel better you should experience problems below your lung training.

Examples of illnesses with features "over the neck": cold, nose crashes, and mild inflammation of the throat.

Examples of diseases with "under the neck" symptoms: chest pain, muscle pain, tweeting abdomen, etc.

Researchers at Ball State University have found that moderate exercise does not affect the duration of the cooling or intensity. In fact, a study published in the Anals of Family Medicine showed that moderate aerobic exercise – walking, cycling or running – such as 30 to 45 minutes a day, can reduce the risk of respiratory infection.

Your body is the best way to listen and not exaggerated. If you feel energized, go for training, but be careful about others and make sure you do not spread bacteria – when you cough or swallow, cover your face with your hands and after cleaning the pesticides, clean all the equipment. If you do not feel good, then forget about training for a day or two, and this will not affect your results in the long run.

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