Monday , March 27 2023

Moorman doesn't go to the Mundobsket!


Moorman doesn't go to the Mundobsket!

Oh, what's going on with injuries this summer? The list of fallen players is endless, and now it has a new name – Adrian Moreman. He was questioned about participating in China, and then the French alliance officially announced that Moorman would not play in China. And he will miss the World Cup.

French quotes say the 31-year-old winger has lost a friendly against Brazil and will not play against Brazil due to the pain he has experienced in his Achilles tendon. And it's an injury that has been plaguing him for the past several years.

French World Champion – Quote 35,00

Andrew Albissi, Nicola Batam, Nando de Colo, Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobar, Luis Laberi, Paul Lacache, Mb, Mathias Lasor, Timothy Lubav-Cabarro, Amat Mbaje, Frank Ntilikina, Eli Okobo, Vanson i Aksel Tupan The remaining 14 are the players for whom the selectors count Venson CallGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The French play in a group where Germany, Yodan and the Dominican Republic still participate.

Recently, news from France hit France Tom Artell, And now the bad news has arrived …

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