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Natural sore throat drugs: They can distill them and help you a lot! | It's beautiful and healthy


Maybe throat pain The most energetic symptom Often happens with a cold or fever. That's why you can eat, sleep, talk or do not …

Fortunately, some people Home remedies This will help you solve the problem.


Honey alone will not only make you sweet but it's been a long time Home remedy, Commodo properties that reduce swelling.

In addition, a thin layer of honey continues "Shining" to throatDo not be irritating when you are eating.

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Salt water

may be "Most exciting" The ideaBut the salinity of sugars will solve the tissue of the body Kills bacteria.

Mixed Half a teaspoon of salt with a glass of water Do not swallow a minute or two or a glass of water.

Scientists say: Whenever you get a cold, get it done, win!

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Tea from chamois

This tea will not only help you calm down i Sleep, It is already proven and has antifoam properties. Adds antioxidants and tea ingredients Caling effect If you feel the first symptoms of sore throat, then you begin to drink it.

Also, this tea It does not contain caffeine, It means you can drink it in the evening without any problems.

When it comes to the throat, it is definitely recommended in your own way A cup of chocolate tea Add a little honey.

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Lemon and hot water

Some people drink The heat lemonade, Or a mixture of hot water and lemon juice, reduce body weight and cleans your skin. Hmm, this drink will actually help you Fix the symptoms of cold and flu.

A komodo and antiviral effect of lemon, as well as thanks to the fact Immunodeficiency is goodThis citrus fruit produces an acute atmosphere in the throat which makes it difficult to maintain viruses and bacteria.

Lemon is rich Vitamin C, Further studies have shown that preventing action against viruses and colds is prevented.

A drink that cleanses the lungs: There is no poison in the body on the day! (RECEPT)

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