Friday , January 28 2022

Nedusha told me what Ludha was saying, what cameras do not record, that she will be sued for her! | Telegraph


Nandada Baljik, a singer who escaped from colleagues, will be lodged with Luna Ragnani for physical torture, no one has ever seen her in front of camera.

When the disputes disputed, Nadezhda claims she is going to investigate the snapshot evidence of the situation.

"Chandran was inside me, I had an internal blade, and no one saw it after two days," said Natala.

Luna, Prinscin: YouTube / Corporative Officer

"I'll come back, because she moves me to make fun of me and shout at me." I understand the reason for defending her brother. But if she had been hanging with my brother like me and that he was a member of the family, they would take my hand to the pub and talk to them until the problem is resolved. All other demonstrators can tell the mother and the dad that she is in front of the co-operatives department.

– I thought with the judge to examine what the law was doing, hurting me, cursed and threatened, filing a lawsuit against the Moon. Jutjub has good recordings, I have proofs, "says Natala.

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