Tuesday , August 16 2022

Newborn baby marks the day of infant young children


One in 10 or 15 million children in the world are born annually. In Serbia, 4000 or 11 babies are born every day.

Newborn Baby Care Newborn Baby Care

Minority children are the leading cause of death within a year and the mortality rate of children below the age of five. Every year, millions of babies die worldwide due to premature birth. 37 weeks of pregnancies are considered infant born babies. The Association "Mali DV" has announced the support of many home appliances and higher education and experienced trained medical experts to survive.

After birth, premature babies have to deal with a number of complications arising from their age: open blood circulation, heart disease, low blood pressure, brain of the brain, retinopathy associated with prematureity, many infections, lung disorders, Insul and Ganga Hernias, Hypertension, Hypertonia …

Depending on the birth period, the percentage of untreated children with long term health problems ranges from 30 to 60 percent. The most common problems associated with premature birth are: premature birth, socialization, organic disorders (digestive system, heart, lung, hearing or visual impairment), mental retardation, learning defects or lack of attention, cerebral stroke

Immediately after birth, the baby is separated from premature infants who need special care and protection, since they are very complex and often require intensive care. In this case, parents of children born prematurely experience unusual stress, helplessness, guilt, anxiety and fear.

In addition to experts' help, they are also valuable to other parents who have similar or similar experiences. For this reason, the Association for the Servicing of the Children of Serbia was founded. The establishment of the "Mali DVI" was established after parents of many children, often several months, hospitals, months and years after leaving the hospital. All NGOs are consulted with the medical experts.

This year, the Association "Mali D" participates in the World Day of Pregnancy, organized worldwide on November 17, to promote public awareness of the issue of premature birth.

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