Monday , May 29 2023

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"White Collection" of Porsche cars is located at a secret location, its content and the entire interior design is quite meaningless.

Porsche fans, not just all the real workshops, will also point to a similar scene – not only in a single place, but even with a large model collection from all eras of German manufacturers, nearly 65 displayed cars are painted in white. .

The interior of the building is white in order to complete the experience.

The owner of the collection wants to remain anonymous, and they do not have the facility for maintaining this particular pheasant, even at the United States.

Displayed shows have cars in all generations, dominated by 911. White Porsche 959, Hyper Car 918 Spyder, Carrea GT, and fewer Porsche 356 are the major attractions.

"White collection" is not cars that are specific. Spart of this facility is a lot of historical items related to the porsche and car documentary.

In the terms of the museum, original promotional posters are kept, there are various accessories such as clothes or travel bags with Porsche logo, Porsche books and a library.

This collection includes porsche bikes.

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