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Nisam smeo da se vratim u Vranje posze porzaiza: Golman Dinama u strahu za život! | Telegraf


Uroš Đurić is looking forward to joining us for the first time in our country.

Uroš Đurić

Golman Srpskog Superligaša Dinama iz Vranja, Uroš Đurić, and you have to learn more about the Swedish language superlige.

Dinamo is going to be a part of the group's 6: 0, which is a popular game, but it does not matter what the name of the game is.

If you want to save yourself from Varanasi, then you are going to go to Beograd, then go to the next house and find out more about it. Let's talk with you

Ostao sam u Beogradu jer su me iz Vranja optuživali ki save i svašta. If you are interested in sports, please do not hesitate. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. I have been able to reveal myself in the field of poetry, but I have been told to give you the preliminary results of this. To do the same thing, you have to go to Kasiljasu and finish the Lige – in the name of the Informer.

VIDEO: Due to the tone of the game,

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Radmila Jovanović for more information about this email.

– Kako ga nije sramota da to izjavi. Neither you nor any other person, I believe that I am a young person, I am a young person who has a lot of love for you. Greške u fudbalu se dešavaju – kaže Đurić.


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