Tuesday , February 7 2023

Our goal is to find the largest Saturn satellite


The goal of this goal is to explore the right places for life. NASA announced that the double dragon's quadricrapper will land in many titles of titan, because the conditions on earth are similar to Earth four billion years ago.

If the goal of "Dragon Drive" succeeds, it can help to reveal the origin of life on our planet. Such discoveries can give important information in the search of life in the universe.

This mission is part of NASA's competitive program "New Frontiers" and the purpose of research is to explain how chemistry has given way to biology.

For a long time, scientists believed that Titan is the most suitable place to explore the satellite. Many people think that they can develop the life of micro-organisms.

The Saturn's largest companion's landscape dominates sand dunes and reservoirs composed of hydrocarbons, fluid methane and ethane. Titan's surface is covered with a solid layer of ice under which liquid water reserves are located, for which astrophysicists believe the same temperature as water in the Pacific Ocean shoals.

Titanium is composed of organic complex molecules which may be the spread of at least alien biology. Therefore, Titan has long been the subject of fascination of astrophysicists.

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