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Pavicevic: How much moisture can we make, depending on the stars? Basketball


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November 16, 2018 18:13 |

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The Belgrade is likely to reach the ABA League, with the quality they own, the reason why they have not yet lost – Morner's coach says

ABBA is the coach of the basketball player Morner Mihilo Powyswick. How to compete in the next match in the league, and how to break the Montenegrin team in Belgrade.

– Play on the pioneer, which means Alexander Nicole Hall. If you get Movoko in Eurocop, you will get a great chance. Thus, the star, I expect, will increase the motion to a higher level – said Pavićević.

In the eighth round of the ABBA League, Morsara basketball players will visit Savawada team tomorrow.

– Citizens of Belgrade are likely to enter the ABA League, and in the level they have achieved, it is clear that they have not been defeated yet. We are coming in to our new generation team and two new players, Bourne and Zane, are in progress, but they will need more time to get to their place, "Paceević said.

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– In the very first of the games, Red Star depends on how much it depends on our competition. At any given place, we are as busy as any other team, because we can measure all levels – added Morner's coach.

Star is the only competitor in local competitions, but Morner has two wins and five defeats.

Red Star is the leader of the ABA League table. They are beloved in our competition. But do not underestimate MorCara's team. Basketball player Morner Stradinjo Michoich said that Belgrade Audience will be able to see the best basketball ball.

I play at 19:00 tomorrow morning.

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