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Periodic viruses attack the thyroid gland

A viral infection of the nose, throat, and throat can be a cause of blood flow to the thyroid gland. Although this rare inflammation occurs frequently in middle aged women, it is very important to discern from time to time, because recovery is slow and the months continue. Although similar signs of inflammation of ears, throat and throat, the inflammation of the thyroid gland often treats unnecessary and ineffective antibiotics.

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The viral inflammation of the thyroid gland is called subcuteu thyroiditis, professor of endocrinologist at the clinical center of Serbia. Jasmine Ciro says.

"Epidemiological data suggests that this disease is often caused by a virus infection by a lung infection within a month, and is thought to be directly caused by viral or bacterial infections. The epidemiological data suggests that the disease is a seasonal nature produced in the autumn and summer. They are reported, "she said.

Professor Cyriac says that in addition to respiratory diseases, inflammation is caused by influenza, cocaine, android virus and eggs caused by eggs.

Viral swelling of the thyroid gland is likely to be resistant to the poor and may cause more scarcation of viral infections.

The terminal antibiotics have been added to the liver antibiotics, "adding syringes.

In the case of psychedric thyroiditis, our interlocutor says that the thyroid gland is painful for touch, without contact, often to be noticeable and hard to work. The signs of moderate eagerness like weakness, fatigue, table, joint pain etc may be at moderate temperatures. The beginning is gradual and the changing of the disease is variable weight.

Sterility of erythrocyte and C-reactive active protein (CRP) is significantly increased due to the circulation of the hormones and the symptoms of thyroidxx hormone (T4 increments) and deficiencies in the hormonal cells due to the destruction of the grog cellar cell, and the lack of THS, a special test for illness and a radiation fixation test. Reliable and simple Uman.

Recovery takes four weeks

The pain in the thyroid gland lasts for four weeks. NSAIDs are used for treatment, Adrenergic beta-blockers will be provided during Tacoma disease.

"Disease can be used in doses of lesser doses, due to the critical and prolonged dose, and the reduction in thyroid hormone deficiency in the recovery phase and their inadequate need, 90% cases can be reopened again," Prof. Dress jasmine kirk ..

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