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Police Bestack Threatens: Official Response After Courier Bribery Councilors Search | News

Police Bestack Threatens: Competent Officers Respond After Courier Bribery Courier Detects

Photo: Beta Milan Obradovich

Competent officials investigate the work of Starry Grade Mayor Marco Bastock! Following the discovery of the courier, he raised 167 million dinars from the budget, with which he bribed councilors, lodging a criminal complaint against him.

As noted in our newspaper, Bestak has raised a massive 167 million dinars through Codex Trade and Respect Legal.

Obligation purchase

With that money, he purchased the support and obedience of the SRS and SPS councilors, and a portion of it went to the people of the Freedom and Justice Party led by Dragon Digilas, with Bastak as vice president. As such, there were some councilors who, as we discovered, were engaged in fantasy jobs, and for that they received 40,000 to 60,000 dinars a month.

An Organized Crime Prosecutor filed a criminal complaint against Bastak yesterday in the Anti-Corruption Sector of the Monitoring, Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Council of Transparency.

– A criminal complaint was made against Bastock over a reasonable suspicion that he was committing a criminal offense of money laundering by completing an illegal contract – the organization said. The general secretary of the association, Mario Spasic, said that under the leadership of Bastak, the municipality of Starry Grade, it is reasonable suspicion that the city has entered into fictitious agreements with Codex Trade and Respect Legal Companies for the purpose of hiring executives to run unlicensed business in the municipality.

Everyone responds

Republican Expert Commission President Vladimir Dimitrijevic says that if the allegations that Bastak was seeking the votes of councilors, the officials as well as the non-governmental sector should respond.

– If it proves appropriate, I expect a response from competent authorities, such as the Anti-Corruption Agency, which has clear legal powers, and the responsibility to prosecute in this case. I also expect the non-government sector response – features, transparency, sysad, which colors the image of the election process – he emphasized.

Radoslav Marjanovich (SNS)
Best in Panic Fear

SNS The deputy head of the council group, Radoslav Marjanovich, tells Kurir that the sack is in disarray.

– It is difficult to explain which councilors they paid in municipal money by private companies, because the purchase of councilors by a businessman is a crime, as the money laundering comes from the municipal budget. It is a textbook example of political corruption and the trade of influence, and therefore it is important for relevant institutions to investigate the entire case.

Dragon Dobranoviઆઈ
I'm all this video but this is not me

Photo: Beta / Media Center Belgrade

Dragon Finance Dobrasinovich of the Public Finance Oversight Coalition tells the Courier that if councilors were actually bribed in the Old Town, it would be a job for the authorities:

– This is obviously a very functional corruption chain in which everyone except the citizens of Old Town, whose money was put into the pockets of councilors, got their own. I find myself dealing with corruption models, but I've never seen anything like this before. This seems to be a specialty of the house. / Kurira Team
Photo: Beta Milan Obradovich


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