Monday , March 20 2023

Politika Online – Vesic: Belgrade snow roads never wondered


Belgrade snow roads have never been astonished. So, even this year, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesi was speaking at a meeting with Niccolò Nicodivic City Assembly President of Niccolò City, visiting the refrigerator services of JKP Belgrade Road in Jakarta.

"We are ready to accept a cold wave.'Re ready for our winter service and all the streets of the city. Yesterday we had a party the night of the second degree. 30 trakkukaluntayirunnu every day. We took more trucks during the night. So, we have 35 trucks, five trakkukalumuntayirunnu Republic of the roads," said vesikki .

At night, 161 people were hired last night. 180 tons of salt is thrown away and toned 55 tons of salt the previous day. "It's a defensive activity that does not make ice and we ensure that traffic in the city will work normally," Vesik said. Besides a bus commute, he said the traffic in the city would normally work. He pointed out that Belgrade is fully prepared for the upcoming winter.

"We are ready to ensure that we work smoothly with the stocks trained to care for the city in winter, and see what is ahead of us this winter," Vesi added. Nicgidivik said that the Belgrade city is ready for this winter.

"We have as much as possible handling of 20 cylindrical trucks compared to last year, which is used for cold service, and 124 trucks can be used in the Belgrade Road for the first time," said Nicodivic.

20,000 tonnes of salt, 2,000 tonnes of stone and 100 tonnes of calcium chloride, "he added. He said that it is enough to meet the successful stimulus of services from this winter.

"Belgrade is maintained in the region as part of the company's 2,500 kilometers of road in Belgrade Belgrade city, 1,800 km, it is the first priority, I believe that the best way to end the termination of this professional style this winter, thank you for Belgrade citizens and to their professional activity or mood. Belgradile the first cold waves PC, I believe that nintunilkkunnatanennum nnaleannumillate all winter, "said tanijug.

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