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Polytechnic Online – by four dealerships and one year jail


The Belgrade Special Court sentenced the man to 33 years of imprisonment and six months imprisonment. One tonne ordered to seize ganja. This is one of the worst extras of the drug trafficking in the domestic judiciary. They are in detention on March 19, 2017.

Dugan Glizachi was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, eight years imprisoned by Dogan Popov, and Predrag Isidrović and Vladimir Kesick, seven years in prison. The lawyers and lawyers of the defendants also have to appeal to the appeal court in Belgrade, against the judgment of this first instance.

Trial Chamber Dogan Glyssy and Dogan Popovic also withdrew a custody decision and banned the ban on the apartment using electronic monitoring (nanotebook).

The Directorate of Criminal Channings will be supervised by them and warn that if the defendants violate their preventive measures, they can again be detained. The Belgrade High Court doctor Glouhicc seized 990.80 kg of cannabis. Mental health regulatory rich THC (revised marijuana known as scanning). The ghee is taken with 4.86 kg of ganja.

The court ordered to pay compensation to the special case in the court and delayed criminal proceedings. With a nanny of Predrag Isidoroviću and Vladimir Kesic, the apartment is being abandoned and prohibited amounts.

On March 19 last year, officials of the Criminal Police Directorate seized tobacco smuggling through international channels and seized 1.1 tones of scans. The drug was found at a warehouse in the Obravac village in the border with Croatia.

The market value of these drugs is estimated at four million euros. The organizer of this Christian group, then brought to Bergrad, Bergd, a Belgrade consisting of Belgian Dogan Popovic, Slobodan Iqline, Dogan Isidorovich, son of Pidray, and Nova Vladimir Kesik. PASERA.

According to the media report, the organized crime group chewed drug traffickers and sold it to Sebastian and the European Union. Home Minister Nebossa Stefanov said in a statement that the drug was not only in Serbia but also in the region. The prisoners were not familiar with the police because they seized the quantity of drugs and seized the smugglers and sold them for smuggling.

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