Tuesday , August 16 2022

Pressure can cause cancer in the skin, but do not withdraw from the market


The Agency for Medicine and Medicine (ALIMS) in Serbia has warned doctors and patients who adversely affect high-intensity drugs.

Due to the widely used drugs in Serbia, all patients in hypertension. Although these contain active hydrochlorothodside, melanonema may cause fermented fibers.

News TV first published a list of 32 controversies.

Tailors, janida, ambil, camamock, aap, lorista, tollakumpi, valsakammi, eleanine, lodoz, condiovan, monoprol, enates, binevol, tritace, dinamar.

The cardiologist states that these drugs are often prescribed and warns patients to avoid treatment without consulting them with the doctor.

Pavle Salak TV from ALMIS Drew said. Drugs will not be withdrawn from the market and patients will not have to stay for treatment.

"The letter is a precautionary procedure and it was distributed in Croatia and other European Union countries, and there is no reason to withdraw the drug from the market, and warned of the possibility of a very rare type of cancer, which is a regulatory measure with more careful care, and doctors and patients focus on the skin," he said.

He said the use of drugs is of great benefit to them.

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