Friday , January 22 2021

Rejected ten thousand pieces, will this winter leave?

One of the best people in the Partizan team during the past
A year ago, she came back to Nimja R. Miletic, the person who was covering it
Position the right beam and turn it off.

Black and white jerseys come in Jersey with good sports ballistic
The state coat of arms, so this winter will be divided if it does not look strange
A good person sells a person from Kosovska Mitrovacka.

"You do not know what the day is, what is the cover of the night. We'll see, it's weird
January I have a contract with Partizan, birthday (January 16)
Wait in hell
M. Miletik said in his statement

A year ago, Partizan had a "heavy" offer for Miletic
Million euros It's interesting that MLS Club is called.

"I expect the bid, I do not know the height. Orlando sent back
Million, they did not even want to hear in Hamaska
"He says

The player himself does not have any dilemma, "League League" or Turkey.

"I love France, Italy … I have played there in Belgium
A similar style is being forced, however, the & # 39; League of Five & # 39; That's a big challenge. No
I fear for Turkey, for example …

Parties Niema R. Mileatic was paid 350,000 euros
One-and-a-half years ago, the wester was brought. On "Transfarket"
The market value of first-born black and white is 1.250,000 euros
And it's obvious that Partizan will not go down to that amount, and it's completely
That player can definitely get more money for that
Contract for the club until 2020.

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