Tuesday , August 16 2022

Remember to have the neck in the bow! Very Safer: Ivan Marinkovic is a Nano! EVO ZAŠTO! | The stars


Ivanca Marinkovik and George Tomyk also reported a scandal at the site of Vero "Paro". Then BS B3 attempted to prevent physical violence.

"I have tried to address today's ivanaye santarakkan him in the night, I did not say a word … lakkikk their actions are all responsible, the reality is that I am trying to support a atikkuventi marinkeavicc violence: I apologize for asking, because it responded to the throat, but, my God, I y Utta into the last, because I was a fool for trying to trick you, "I said.

On the other hand, Nicola Lacic, Marinkovic, the foe of a furious monster, all of these claims to be pregnant and claim to be here too.

"I felt," pointing out that both of them would arrive at a conclusion, and he continued: "For some other day I told Theola, Ivan has been a goal since then."

"Ivan prepares everything and believes in me, and I have given him a hand that he has hurt himself in the morning, in order to stand firm in a dream, and then expel Trotty". "If he gets a stick with a stick he sat down in the corner and he got up and ridiculed it all, Lauki says," Come on & Who's Next. "

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