Saturday , June 10 2023

Republican and Republican animal dishonest scientists


Poultry of pharmaceutical products

Scientists led by researchers at the University of Mons University have discovered in the six gorges in the city. 98% of all types of pharmaceutical products have been found.

Let's open it: it does not destroy it!

Scientists have discovered 69 different types of pesticides and 66 spiders. Scientists have explained that drugs are being distributed through food chains. The insects feed the rides, and they eat food in strange bloodshed, the Guardian writes.

Very smart: created a sheepy hybrid hybrid!

Drugs flowing through wastewater treatment plants that run through drugs fail to remove all harmful harmful substances. Some people come through pipes to use water, seeptic tanks, water supply and pipes.

Researchers say that even the "whole cocktail of drugs", even from a stream of around Melbourne, and even some water waste.

Antidepressants are drugs that are meant to deal with depression and depression, depression, depression, disappointment, and lack of energy. Michael Grace, co-author of the study, said.

The first study of the world is that the food chain contains many medicines that can be supplied to some animal indirectly, which is recommended for human beings. Learning manager Erin Richmond said.

– Studies have shown that many drugs found in drugs are stored in disappearing water reservoirs. The study also shows that they are thrown into the surrounding territories. Spiders, birds, and bats are used here. – explained Richmond.

A study of scientists at Monash University in Melbourne wrote in the Nature Communications Journal.

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