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Responsible Mirror Mirlalah spoke with a clear message: No one should underestimate the Red Star! | Game


Red Star players showed up after a spectacular win to be played in Leedspool's Champions League! Serbian champions will play against Napoli on Wednesday and Italy's route will start today.

Game director Mitter Mirkala says that the team is traveling south of Italy without a white flag, but they know that Napoli is the most beloved in the red and white duel. The well-known coach Carlo Anselotti, Serie was not brilliant. At the weekend, however, he was led by expensive stars such as Culabili, Xylinski, Mertans, Claazhon and Insini, who played without having scored against Kizzo in the last place.

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They are not in an emergency, even if they lose the buses. Napoli's extraordinary team and it will be harder against them. We watched how fast we play in Belgrade and how good we are. We know them well and I think we'll be well prepared. And after the magnificent victory over Liverpool, I think we're still out in the group – said Mr Mitterlla to the courier.

The Italian media has written about Red Star's power and his victory over Liverpool over the last few days. They are clear that Napoleon should not rest at any time, as the Serbian champion can easily punish him.

– I'm still behind what I said. However, if we get a slight chance tomorrow in Naples and in the last round against PSG in Belgrade, we will know that we will use it. Red Star is a big club, and we have shown that no one in the Champions League will be able to give us a lesser assessment – the claim is sweetened.

The match between Napoli and Red Star is ruled by Spanish Hedges Heel Standards.

Sprinkle your teeth

On the Plavevo Plane, perhaps the thinker and the cosmic

Milan Pavakov should be on the plane for Naples, maybe Dusan Varnskic and Goran Kozik! Philip Stajocovic had given training first on Monday evening, while Captain Wuzaddin Sevick would have to stay in Belgrade. Most of them did not train for two weeks because of the last lodge injury.
We have a positive sign from the injured players. Scenic, Kozik and Pawawkov can travel to Naples. An overview of the magnetic resonance will give the final word. Philip Stojekovic had trained for a long time after the break, while Wujadi Savik needs more time to fully prepare – Mirakraya said.

She wants to win

Anseltie rested the toys for the star

Coach Napoli Carlo Anselotti believes that the Red Star will play like the Chevy. Italian players changed, so Mario Rui and Alan started the bench, Orestish Kernesis, and saved the Fébénye Ruiz and Murray Humshik.
The match against Kiwi was a good test because we are also facing a red star. They would have a similar approach to the game – Anselotti said.

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