Monday , August 2 2021

Samsung QLD TV has a special warranty

Samsung QLD TV comes with a special warranty that will appeal to many users. If you want to change the TV at home, now your thoughts are time to work.

The purchase of Samsung QLD TV brings a special warranty

Do not make a mistake if you make a purchase Samsung QLD TV from 2018, Because with that you get five year warranty, and even more important – Without 10 years Burn in Effect. While a five-year warranty is absolutely clear, because it is guaranteed that everyone is always in need, many may wonder – what is a burn-in effect? And why is my guarantee necessary for this?

What is burn in effect?

Certainly some of us had to face "fingerprint" on the screen, which somehow reminds us of a flea smacked, something is the outline that we should not even see here. And it's not about TV's spirit, but about the so-called "freezing" picture. It can be costly and inconvenient to solve this unfortunate situation.

Let's explain it in more detail. Even if the image is still on the screen for a long time, or if we are seeing a particular channel frequently, the "Frozen" image comes in, and its logos are "edited" with each other. In those moments, the pixels make a ghost-like impression that the content on the TV screen changes or stays even after it is running. This is not a strange phenomenon, because people watch television for more than three hours a day.

When we spend time playing games, there is a chance that these pictures on the screen will always be there. Programs that contain many static scenarios, such as news tape, logo in the corner, results and games of fixed-view games, are the main culprits for this performance. Though The new line of Samsung QLD TV "Frozen" is not a picture, Provides a guarantee for this effect, Samsung is endeavoring to support its customer's maximum confidence.

Samsung QLD 8 or TV TV

There are new features in Samsung QLD TV

Without such undesirable visual effects, each user will enjoy the peace of the spectrum and a detailed description of the color that expresses thanks to the QLED. Quantum dot technology. It also provides complete fun Ambient mode, Is a feature that closes QLED TVs in a beautiful, functional, and intelligent display when it is closed and provides a large number of information including news, weather and traffic. After the screen the music can play itself, but it matches the wall color or texture on which it is located.

With the television line It is possible to control all connected devices with a remote controlThere is a possibility: Voice control, As well Option to connect mobile phone and TV Smart View application, where mobile phones promote remote control work. In this way, viewing the weather forecast, latest news or photos from the phone is available at any time.

Smarting App Turns the TV from the refrigerator to the mobile phone to the center for all smart home appliances. It brings simple interaction, providing an intelligent home control and ability to monitor. Apart from this, it is possible to hold the devices attached to one place with a unique invisible connection with only one cable. One connect box.
The new TV line is designed to be fully fit at home while being easy to use. On the other hand, it has been created to truly provide an unforgettable experience of viewing and enjoying.

The promotion of these attractive devices lasts till December 31 this year, And all information is available on the official website. For more information about Samsung QLD TVs and burn-in effects, see Samsun's page.

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