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Samsung Xiaomi Tetracell Smart-ISO 108 MPX Camera Sensor

You thought we were exaggerating, when we announced that there would soon be 100 more quiz megapixel cameras on our phones – check out this news now and see which two companies are working!

It seems that among the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, the number of pixels has become the same as that of a flex screen – few are clear about what all this is leading to, but the race must take place.

Samsung is certainly well versed in (and by the way) both middle and upper class. In early May, the South Korean giant 64 megapixel photo sensor announced (Bright GW1), And is now produced in collaboration with Xiaomi Isocell Bright Hmx 108 megapixels, 1 / 1.3 in. 0.8 micron pixel size.

With this groundbreaking, future phones will be able to take notes 6K video (6,016 × 3,384 pixels resolution) 30 frames per second. As far as photography is concerned, the new sensor will be used in low light, grouping four pixels into one (Tetrasel). With this method, the resolution is reduced (27 megapixels), but the photos are better quality and brighter (then the pixel size is 1.6 microns).

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it's not Samsung No Xiaomi (Maybe Mi Mix 4) Has not announced which models will list the new sensors in their specifications. Production starts at the end of August Gust, so it's possible to use the largest Pixel army (at present) by the end of the year, SKGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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By comparison, the new sensor is 125 percent larger than the 48 MPX Isocell Bright GW1 Sensor The new camera maro sensor will also come with Smart-ISO, which allows for a smart selection of automatic settings for better photo and video recording.

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