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Second Hand Test: VW Golf 7 1.6 TDI Station Wagon – Funeral or Ideal Family Car

In testing, we have some unusual version of golf for our market.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Source: Used Car; Author: Dragon Romsavek

In the first place, it's a fleet, which many fans of this model will hate.

In our country, caravan versions are still considered as a kind of agri-transport machines.

For example, at the time of writing, it's on ads Only 25 "Week" in the station wagon version 320 pieces totalGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

There is also 1.6 TDI engine, Which for many decades has been integrated into numerous models of the VW Group (VW, udi de, Skoda, Seat), but still It causes doubt Drivers. Everyone is still suffering from a good old 1.9 TDI …

Below is the version of the hood of our car 110 hp, A feature of the Froogle Bluemotion version, which means that some changes have been made to reduce fuel consumption on this engine.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Otherwise, Blue Motion is a version where emphasis is strongly placed on dullness, so here it is. And other differences from standard golfGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Gearbox Has various transmission relationships and Six Five gears instead. Aerodynamics – Among other things, the radiator grille is almost closed, the air flow is optimized where cooling is needed, and there are special panels on the bottom.

Aerodynamics improves with lower suspension – Golf is Blue Motion 1.5 cm above regular golfGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

The factory also comes with a tire that has a low rolling resistance, and will then stay on the same tire that another model / manufacturer will own.

Our golf is manufactured 2015 And traveled about 70,000 kilometers.

Forward to the cab

The cabin has a special atmosphere for golf and VW vehicles in general. You hear the word boring often, but it doesn't bother us at all. They are content Quality, Nicely furnished and not yet worn marks. Few competitors can match it.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Driving position is excellent with solid seat and steering wheel adjustment. The seats are comfortable, though it will be more difficult than the average driver wants. They are well profiled – as they should be.

Almost every golf has that special feeling – you go in and you feel like you've driven it 1,000 times. After all, "six", same as "five" …

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

One would say that the Germans are non-innovative and afraid to experiment. We believe they have found a good formula and therefore do not need to change anything too drastically.

Back cabin

There is plenty of space on the back bench for two tall adults – both legs and head. A third passenger is likely to complain, especially regarding the lack of foot space due to the relatively large central tunnel.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic


The volume of the trunk is 605 liters and when the backrests fold, 1,620 liters are received.

It's a significantly more useful luggage space V. Golf hatchback With 380 liters base volume.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

While we're here, let's also mention the length difference between the two golf versions:

a) Hatchback – 4,255 mm
B) Station Wagon – 4.562 mm

Difference: 337 mm, or about 34 centimeters. The wheelbase is the same.

Let's also look at the differences with the VW Passat B8 wagon.

The back bench backrests are below 60:40.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

They are easy to pull off, and you can do this both from the cabin and from the trunk by simply pulling the lever to the side you want to fold.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

At the same time, the seat belt does not cause any problems, that is, it is mounted so that the backrest does not include them when folded. When tilting down, a flat surface is obtained so that larger objects can be easily inserted.

However, in our test, there was no central opening in the back of the golf, through which longer objects (e.g. skis) could be inserted, as this item was supportive.

Roof racks are available as standard equipment and can carry up to 75 pounds.


It depends "Firm" but at the same time comfortableGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The steering wheel behaves securely and steadily in the golf bend by following the movements. The steering is straightforward, though it will not consider a bit more "feedback", that is. Feedback We noticed that it is more organized and agile than the Golf 6, which also contributes to a significant reduction in mass compared to that generation.

So it is not uncomfortable, but there is also no annoying inclination in the curves. It absorbs nicely into our malfunctions, so it can be concluded that it is made A great compromise Between driving characteristics and comfort.

Compare this with the standard version and the same engine (though with 105hp), there is a slight difference as the bloommission is reduced, but this difference is noticeable only when passing above. Police officers or major misconduct. However, one should consider subjective feel, different tires, as it is not about the new car.

Our sample has factory tire dimensions 195/65 R15, Which also contributes to comfort.

Sound insulation Excellent – both engine noise and wind noise are well insulated. We have no qualms about it.

Accelerates up to 100 km / h 11 seconds, At least according to the factory data. The engine is evolving 110 hp Ranging from 3,200 – 4,000 Rpm i 250 nm Ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 RPM.

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

Photo: Dragon Romseyvic

This is not bad results at all, but some owners complain that it is a bit "anemic" when moving or on first gear. It is probably the fault of the gearbox whose transfer ratio has been calculated to contribute to low fuel consumption in the first place. Plus, it is strong enough and elastic.

At high speeds on highways, it behaves very quietly and confidently moves at speeds of up to 170 km / h.

We averaged 5.5L / 100km, with no special effort to save fuel, and driving in traffic jams was high. Basically, the VW Golf 1.6 TDI BluMotion is a truly thrifty car, with which, without much effort, very little can be achieved, especially on open roads.

Problems and Failures

This engine is quite controversial. As soon as it was shown, fans of the VW brand thought it would not be an adequate replacement for the legendary 1.9 TDI. Of course, it's easy to forget that 1.9 TDI came in different versions, as well as its problems.

1.6 TDI is mainly followed by "problems" in the first years of production, while newer versions are more reliable.

Difficulty is usually caused by three things – Nozzle, EGR valve and DPF filterGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

For themselves DPF filters, That is the pain of all the more sophisticated dieselers. Quite simply, the manufacturers also tell themselves that it is better to buy petrol if the car will be driven mostly in the city, especially if it is driven for short distances. Unfortunately, this showroom doesn't tell consumers …

With The design There is a similar story – they either don't like bad fuel, driving on reserves, constantly "choking" engines at extremely low rpm …

One drawback EGR The valve can be Very expensiveGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The problem is that the EGR valve and its cooling make up one unit, so not one that breaks, the whole unit needs replacing. The basic part is very expensive, as the official service has a replacement.

However, there is Replacement parts Which is significant CheapGeneral Chat Chat Lounge In some cases there may be an EGR valve To repairGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Not for cleaning, but to be repaired because the defect can be mechanical.

In this case you can save a lot of money while keeping the original EGR, but unfortunately removing the EGR valve can take up to five hours. This topic is quite complex, so if you are interested in the details, inquire into the services and forums.

There are also good old ones EGR is offWhilst technical inspection, whom we will not recommend due to ecology and potential problems in the future, some claim that DPF should also be removed in this case, as without EGR it would be a loss quickly in any case, which brings us back to ecology and technology again. General Chat Chat Lounge Review …

There was a problem with the shock absorbers leakage at the beginning of the product, which is usually addressed under warranty. Between May and October 2016, there were also cars that had defects in airbags, so they were called for service action – if you experience such a sample, check that it's done.

Other than the problems mentioned above, Golf 7 generally Applies to quality and reliable carsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Owners have not had a headache since our sample of testing so far.


This is a clear-purpose car – a family-owned family transporter. If you don't ask for a sharp ride, it will reduce fuel consumption. After all, as we said, it's not even intended to chase the engine and transmission, but that doesn't mean that at highway speeds, they won't feel right at home.

The overall impression is that this is a really good quality and serious car. And no – these aren't brags about golf. Golf is not only popular in Serbia, as many of us think. It is highly sought after by sales results in Europe.

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