Wednesday , July 28 2021

Serbia fils an application for CEFA infringement

Prime Minister Ana Branabic said on Tuesday that Serbia will file a formal complaint against Pristina on Monday for failing to comply with CEETA.

His brancer vučić
Photo: Tanjag / Zoran Zaestic

"Since UNIM is a signatory of CEETA, CIFTA and UNMMK will apply for disrespect, as UNIM is signatory for CFTT and we are seeking to open formal advisors based on prior process of arbitration. We await response from UNMEK and send formal application on Monday. "Combined with British Serbian President Alexander Wuschel Said in the conference.

At the same time, Brinkie says, we will see how to start the proceedings before the EU on the violation of the stabilization and association agreement.

"We have to work with EU member states here and in addition to violations of SA and CEFA, it is important to note that in SPP, one of the most important issues is of particular human rights respect," said Brunkbe.

The three most important issues signed by Pristina when it comes to CFA are clear duty of respecting and implementing the CETA contract; Second is the third honor of all the contracts with Serbia, specifically Brussels elections, and the right to purchase people's products for buying foods and medicines. There is a duty to respect.

"We will maintain stability, will not be forced to encourage us, we recommend that tax returns will be normal for resumption of negotiations with Prestige," said Branabic.

The Prime Minister pointed out that this is a difficult day for the government, but it is not the first and certainly not the last one.

"What the government should continue to do, as we have done today, it is to continue to carry out our tasks and plans and programs, and I think we will have to continue strong and better in these days. Our only answer is That Serbia continues to grow and it remains steady and stable in the region, "said Branabic.

He did not point out, to persevere on provocation, and the government is one of the first things to talk to the President.

"Serbia, it's the first place to settle for all our citizens and the whole country. In the name of the government, I can say that we will have to fight at every cost to ensure stability without the cost of the lives of our citizens in Kosovo. Ask the question," Branabic said.

She asserted that the Serbian government has respected the reasons for international law, justice, compulsion-signing agreements, and the CF and CIFA should first be applied and respected in the world of courtesy.

Priestina made a 100% higher tax on Serbian products a few days ago, as a result of the shortage of some items of Kosovo and Mt. Hohja and due to the situation in the southern region, the arrest of Russia's fall and serb in the North of Kosovo this morning was much greater.

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