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Serbia – Montenegro: First place organizational war (15.00 – completed)


The first of two major tournaments for the placement of League of Nations B Division is against Montenegro. More opportunity to participate in the semi-financed EP 2020.

Photo: I. Weslinov

Comrade Historical – Part 2. This is the first fight in the fourth group of the League of Nations today in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, the first of its kind in Belgrade. Representatives from both countries are more familiar with their counterparts, showing players who can attract a more successful football country in the former state society.

The Eagles will approach one of the "same category" champions, the EP2020, to face the balls. In the next cycle they will target opponents from the B division. On Tuesday, no one even mentioned the last opposite Lightning. In particular, they lost the chance of skipping their position.

Tickets are 300, 600, 800

300 (North and South), 600 (East), 800 (Western Table) Dinars are sold at Regima Mitik Stadium today.

Two months ago, a dozen tickets were distributed from Serbia to primary and secondary school students. 20,000 people will attend.

Maldon KrististeckThe Serbian selector is easier than ever before the confrontation in Podgoria. The first expert of our national team is in front of a more experienced team compared to the first victim with hockey. In the last two matches, Belgrade has given the audience the right to be optimistic over the past two exams.

– We had a lasting problem with Maith, Kolarov and Lajajic. The absence of such three players was a big deal. They would mean any other national team. We show the character in Podgoria. We were under great pressure, especially in the competition we could not get three points. I trust in this team, and we welcome the success of each contest in the competition without success. I think we are progressing each day every day. We all grow to this team, we're experienced and young and represent a number of Serbia footballers – He says Krstajić.

Serbia has not been able to win any of the three League League leagues in the League of Nations. Even today's encounter is not available for all the skills available to the selector. Sergi Milinkovik-Savoico A goal keeper Marko Dimitrovik Because of injuries, they did not attend a meeting, Philip Costige Two teeth have been worked out and do not add to the domes of Montenegrin and Lithuania.

Lubomir Fjja had to face difficulties in the competition. We started working with the team but we were not sure in the first match.

However, Sokolos' problems are of great size, especially those selected by small players. Steven Jovetic i Stephen Savik This is the biggest departure of the selector Lubiaz Tambakovic Apart from them, Serbia is much better compared to former Serbia's former governments.

– I've followed the events of the Montenegro national team, and I know that they lose some players. Training and life should help us to find other solutions, prepare players and train a team capable of doing tasks.

Maldon Kristegic i Lubiaz Tambakovic The second time they will be in the opposite benches. The Serbian selector in Porgregon was more successful. But both of them are, with great respect, he speaks about an expert in responsible for his development and competition at Parsis. This influenced a remarkable foreign life.

– Tutkakok, I repeat, he never called my colleague because he made me an officer. I'm seeing only this way. By trusting him with a man and selector, I believe in my team, the strength of friends we gather together recently. We can take a step forward and get the goal goal.

In Montreal, Russia, along with Romania's Bucharest, Maldon Kristegic He did not decide to expel the Tandem invaders Alexander, Mitrochic i Stirred. Now, it seems to be around 11 o'clock in the best Eagle shooter Look at Joy, The most effective player in Bundesliga, the most deserving of our young national team in the European Championship.

– It is important that players have a lot of players in the club and they are the main soles of the game or their team. It's very important that we keep it out of Montenegro, as always. We are good players, we have prepared for some positions because we have enough wages in certain positions and a substitute for them. We will probably decide about an unexpected form. Because the selector has 13.1 times double, Montenegro is not the first, we have changed the tactics of our player's character. Such a possibility is a luxury for me, perhaps a small problem, because there are people who hope to get a chance.

Montenegro is stronger than Lithuania. The gap between the two matches is two days. It's not easy for both players to make players.

– The distance between the matches and the problem of both me and my professional staff is not just every selector of the League of Nations. The last game was only a few minutes until the first game. We are in the UEFA level, we should respect them, some of which we do quickly. Thanks to God for the players to understand this and adjust the situation yourself! He stopped Krstajić.

Serbia qualified for the 2018 World Cup for the first time. All Bolt has won two consecutive victories in the remaining 180 minutes, with the highest ranking in the League of Nations. Winds prior to the Continental Championship Qualification Tournament is not important for our national team since 2000.

Lubiaz Tambakovic, Coach of Montenegro national team ahead of the biggest Serbia training. Unlike the previous conventions of past year's guest selection, the press conference in Maracana filled the final place.

It was a little unusual expert strategist. He was once in a place where he made great success and victory against the Red Star against Poinces. But he expected another good result.

– This stadium keeps good memories. I do not know exactly, but I have reached here 18 times, and I have won with my team. Here are two cups. I respect the huge rivals we play in whose stadium, I'm happy about it, but I agree that I'm on the other side. To play in the Porsche Stadium – He pointed out Lubiaz Tambakovic, Montenegro national team coach.

Whether Montenegro sounds from the first match, however, most gamers can not depend on you?

– It's not a problem from the podgorika, but an impression that we have spoiled. We want to do better now.

How to set the game without a number of important players?

– Brooks and cards affect us, and we are preparing a new team in the game. All the players I have asked in the game know the need for the game, and we will again get the result. We made a good move. This is 27 players and the external element affects us. I hope we can play better.

Eighth time against foreigners

Serbia has for the eighth time to evaluate the forces in the former Yugoslav Republic with the National Team. Balance is negative, Eagles has two wins, two drones and three failures.

Slovenia (1: 1, 0: 1 – 2010, 2011), Macedonia (0: 1, 5: 0) 2013).

The second match against Montenegro ended on October 11 with the victory of our national team at Podgoria.

Will you make a contest in a match in Podgorica?

– It's not difficult to make this contest. This type of activity requires morbidity. Our goals are clear, and now we want to achieve this. A team of players are now looking for good results. I respect the players there, but now they have more.

You think about what is the election of Serbia rather than the double casualty in Portugal, they will come back To be erased i Cholerae?

– Serbia is certainly two strong representation. Almost all the groups were SP. Serbia is facing more and more players from us. There are some substantial changes in the situation where people can not play. Kolerov will give a safe stamp to the martyrs. Serbia shows what they want to express. It was visible in October.

The media is constantly talking about the bilateral relations, interfering in politics, will it affect the players?

– The story is not roomy. We do not have special emphasis on our professional and professional players. I'm trying to concentrate on my brother's and sports relationships. Emotions are not divided, but sports.

Are you satisfied with that idea?

– There is a coach who is satisfied with the point, and I am the most successful of my biggest fortune. We will try to force it, but there are two dimensions. Serbia is very powerful for Matik and Kolar. If Manchester City is in the game, it is clear that Serbia is safe. He can also do great performance in defensive responsibilities. The player's superiority and mentality will be supervised.

Do you think your victory over Romania is also needed?

– I am a good mathematician, not a mathematical science, it's very simple, you've won and your goal. Everyone can win either from the first or third in each group. So it is clear what we have to do.

You can not believe it Stjajovic, Jaouitek, Thomasyevic, Wuxewik i SavikIs this a youth opportunity?

– We'd like to have an interesting competition, but little players have space. I do not want to find the 11 I'm starting, but I must have a dilemma. Bećir In addition, not everyone is healthy, even Tomašević – He stopped Tumbakovic.

Those who do not know who the audience is in podgorikka or Belgrade

Lubusa Tubacoovic questioned the question how much would the "Rajco Mitik" win in a football stadium, or at the stadium of Montenegro's fans:

– Nobody knows who the pdf is in podgorica or the Belgrade. Montenegro has a number of montenegrinths in Belgrade and Belgrade, which is very important. I'm happy if the stadium is full. കളിയുടെ സമയത്ത് പ്രേക്ഷകരുടെ പിന്തുണ ഒരു പ്രത്യേക ഭാഗം ഉണ്ട്, അത് ഒന്നും തന്നെ ഇല്ല – അവൻ ഒരു പുഞ്ചിരിയോടെ പറഞ്ഞു Tumbakovic.

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